Garden for the Games!

Year 3 and 4 have all had a go at ‘Gardening for the Olympic Games’.

Everybody has designed their own Olympic garden and lots of the children were able to get dirty, planting flowers into old tyres (we like to re-use). The tyres have become the five Olympic rings and carefully selected flowers, that match the colours of the famous rings, were placed into the appropriate tyre.

Brookburn’s Olympic Garden on PhotoPeach

Mrs Kind’s class started the garden by arranging the tyres and digging.
Mrs Kinch’s class carried on with this task and helped to plant the white strawberries in the ‘green’ ring.
Mrs Cotton’s class filled up some tyres and planted more flowers and finally…
Miss Jopling’s class finished planting the flowers, topped up the soil and watered the garden.

Thank you everyone for a great team effort!

If you would like to see the Olympic garden for yourself, you will find it by the Year 3a, 3b and 4b entrance door, by Mrs Kind’s classroom window.

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Literacy Homework – 27.6.12 Where do we find information from?

This information text is from a magazine.

We will be learning about Information Texts in literacy for the next few weeks.

Where do we find information from? Where do you look to find answers to questions?

1. Write a comment saying where you find information – do you have a favourite place to go and research?

2. Collect information on a topic of your choice e.g. a country, a sport or an animal. You will use this information in your literacy lessons in the next couple of weeks.

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Burning of our Viking Long Boat

As part of our history topic we have been learning about the Vikings and have constructed a Viking longboat. We have all really enjoyed this topic and were very excited at the proposal of finishing it by celebrating in true Viking style. We did this by burning the longboat as if a Viking warrior had died in battle.

Share your views by addin a comment!

Burning of ourViking Long Ship on PhotoPeach

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Literacy Homework 20.6.12

This week, listen out for as many instructions as you can. 
Are there some instructions you keep hearing over and over again?  Which instructions are the most popular?

Make a list of the ten instructions you hear on a daily basis the most.
Who gives you the instruction? Do you hear it at home or at school?

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Literacy Homework 13.6.12

Hello Year 3!

This week we would like you to write a set of instructions for something that you do a lot. It might be instructions for getting ready for school in the morning or instructions for making your favourite sandwich!

Try to include a title, some time connectives and some bossy verbs.

How will you let the reader know the right order for your instructions?

Make sure you have made your instructions as clear as possible.

Good luck!

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Year 3 visit the Blue Box Theatre for Chorlton Arts Week

Year 3 really enjoyed watching the actor dressing up as different characters. He used some great voices and expression!

A Victorian Puppet Show on PhotoPeach

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Growing Peas



Last week, you all received a packet of pea seeds to take home and grow. We would like to know how you’re getting on so leave a comment describing what you can see happening as your pea seeds grow into lovely, yummy peas!

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Muslim Family Celebrations

Tell us what you know or can find out about a Muslim family celebration.

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What does your name mean?

Muslim’s believe that names are given for a particular meaning.
Ask your adult at home if your name has a special meaning to why it was chosen.
Write a comment to share it with everyone else!

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Cooking Club

Have a look to see what some of the Year 3’s have been doing in our after school cooking club. Leave a comment to say what you enjoyed (if you were part of the group) or what looked good!

Cooking Club 1 on PhotoPeach

Cooking Club 2 on PhotoPeach

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